Originally from Castres, Laurence LHER moved to Caen in 2002. Her appreciation for art began very young and, with an amateur painter for a mother and a father of Norman origin who was keen on photography, this predilection was first expressed through drawing and the collage technique. Laurence LHER’s paintings are abstract and extremely sobre, a style strangely akin to the Minimal Art that emerged in mid-1960s’ America with Frank Stella. Shunning all illusionism and figuration, Laurence LHER assembles geometric motifs, a tangle of basic and firmly articulated abstract structures, with very sparse means and radical simplicity. Spatial sensation is suppressed, contours are precise, and the palette is intentionally reduced to three or perhaps four colours, which are applied in flat, uniform areas. Light breaks through thanks to the use of the hueless colour white. The compositions, which are masterfully rhythmic, are organised through the combination of lines and blends, and also through a skilful play between fullness and emptiness. The result may seem like a provocative “reduction” of the universe to a rearrangement of simple perfunctory shapes, without any reference to tangible reality. And yet, under the apparent neutrality, that is to say the purely visual approach obtained through the treatment of space and colour, lies a symbolism and metaphysical vision unique to the artist. Laurence LHER fixes her own limits to the visible universe, and privileges “ideas” over pictorial means. She offers a work in which starkness contributes to objectivity, striving all the while to convey values dear to her heart: WISDOM, HAPPINESS, AUDACITY and FREEDOM.