Born in Foucart in the heart of the region of Pays de Caux, Roger Courtois remains with the passing years the exemplary painter. Not only attentive to the quality of his work and a tireless researcher, he is also an obstinate and pure creator whether it be a question of drawing, sculpture, or colour, to which he devotes himself passionately. For Roger Courtois, each piece represents an adventure that has proved essential in leading this solitary artist to a position of renown amongst his contemporaries. He was awarded by the Salon of Rouen in 1993 and later the Regional Council of Upper Normandy. A more figurative style is difficult to find, as is a more secretive approach; the brilliance of his colours rivals with that of his shapes and the depth of his reflection. Roger Courtois delights in clear-cut shapes and visual contrasts which highlight the impact made by colours that are in turn used sparingly, yet with a rare expressive strength and a candid vigour that corresponds perfectly to his perceptive vision. His still-lifes are rigourous, while a great many of his characters unceasingly face their environment and feelings with a strength that his mastery of drawing and dense and captivating flat tints extol. If he is attentive to balance, one of his ideals, it is because Roger Courtois is able to capture a passing emotion without losing the essential in life, or his perceptiveness, or the moving truthfulness of his art.