In Pierre GODET the man and the artist are harmoniously united in one and the same entity. Solidly rooted in the rural Norman land of the Valley of Cailly, he examplifies the warm and pleasant painter who can combine seriousness and cheerfulness to the benefit of both to his life and his art. From beaches and café terraces to lively markets and urban scenes depicted with exquisite skill, Pierre GODET pursues his strikingly warm artistic vocation enriched with magical colours and happy lights. Through his connection with nature he constantly rediscovers and redescribes our day-to-day lives, powerfully expressing the sheer beauty and goodness of a generous environment for whoeverwishes to see the same vision that Pierre GODET so masterfully transmits to the tapestry. Whether depicting sunny or cloudy sights, by day or night, in any season, GODET’s touch is always sensitive, just as his colours are always pure and full of vitality, and through the marriage of refined talent and raw emotion he puts this consummate mastery to work by producing art that touches both the senses and the mind.