Every painting contains a little door to pass through. Expressionist by style, but without excessive vehemence, the paintings of J-P Le Fevre are devoid of mannerisms. They are intended to communicate a certain feeling of a man stooping at work or letting his heart wander towards the infinite. The painter loves lines of perspective and diagonals: “There is a little door in every painting. You have to push it and enter… A painting must provide access to a certain depth. If you are content just to paint the surface of a painting, it’s better to do something else”. What stirs J.P Le Fevre is that so rare aptitude of some painters to preserve their soul and their child-like view, like Chagall or Toffoli (…) Having crossed the path of César, Belmondo, Mac Avoye, he does not hesitate to evoke their uncommon power. “With people of this calibre, you get the impression of receiving something unique and irreplaceable”. (…) Finally, and although he hates quotations, J.P Le Fevre makes this claim: “A child is not a vase which one fills. It is a fire which one ignites”. May all teachers hear this and make it their precept! Our world would be better off following it.