It is extraordinary how painting can change one’s life and modify one’s perception of it for ever. Amongst the recently retired who travel or practise DIY, some dare to go back to the sources of creation without taking on board the elementary but necessary rules of an ageless art – painting. André Daumel is one of those painters who overcomes time and years and so proves that talent is timeless and that the only thing that counts is the value of the result offered to lovers of painting. One can go on repeating that everything has been done or already discovered, but there are some painters such as André Daumel who continue with a daring creativity. This gives his work a quality of expression for all to see, a faculty that anyone could possess, but often doesn’t know where to begin, i.e. to create. In many ways André Daumel gives ample proof of this. He is amongst those who cast aside conventional style and manner in order to put their own original style on canvas, showing a thousand thoughts, reflections, statements and desires…. The artist delves with delight into a maze of shapes, personalities, colours and rhythms where taught formalism is diluted in supple plastic generous ecstasy, where galaxies, stars and feelings are expressed in astonishing compositions, the dynamic fruits of an art without limits.